SMART Repair stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technology and is all about a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, assisting in the cosmetic repair of vehicles. SMART Repair is the process of a repairing a car using specialised tools, paint and materials to make a localised, damaged area look good as new.

In the not-so-distant past, damaged cars would have to be taken in to the body shop for repairs including cosmetic and relatively minor damage. The types of vehicles damage that is suitable for SMART Repair include; scratches, windscreen chips, alloy wheel damage, exterior trim and bumper damage.

At John Roe we believe in offering a second to none service which means that by choosing us to repair your vehicle you’re getting the highest quality in service and work carried out. Our team can offer a totally mobile solution to minor damage that is both convenient for you, fast and easy.

Smart repair

Research from YouGov has shown that up to 65% of the cars on Britain’s roads have damage of some kind that can be fixed with SMART repair. The types of damage that SMART repair is suitable for are:

 Alloy wheel damage
 Windscreen chip repairs
✓ Chip and scuff repair
✓ Bumper and plastic repair
 Headlight repair
✓ Interior and leather trim repair
✓ Exterior trim repair

John Roe have been operating in automotive sales, after sales, service and repairs in the region since 1969.  With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry you can trust that your car is in safe hands at John Roe. We use only expert knowledge and skill when repairing your vehicle and with us you’re assured you’re getting only the most practiced care.

Over the years, the John Roe name has become synonymous with care, attention to detail and unrivalled customer service. We offer fast and easy repairs that are convenient and cost effective to you to get your vehicle back to tip-top condition.

All you have to do is call our SMART repair number and we can take care of you from there.

Grimsby – 01472 306061

Hull – 01482 407113

Scunthorpe – 01724 389058